What is the purchase process?

Click HERE for a step-by-step guide.

What if we need a formal quote to submit for school approval?

Just reach out and let us know the details and we’ll draft one immediately.

Are credit card payments accepted?

Yes. Credit card transactions are secured via Stripe.

Are payment plans available?

We understand the nature of fiscal calendars and sourcing from multiple accounts. We still believe in the honor system and can make payment arrangements that work with your calendar. Please contact us to discuss the available options.

Can we reserve a full production?

Unfortunately, no. Full productions are available on a first come, first served basis and reservations would restrict availability for others in the same region. However, productions involving non-Public Domain music are essentially “held” while license approvals are pending.

Can we reserve an individual movement(s)?

Unfortunately, no. Although they are not guarded by the provisions of Region Protection, individual movements are also available on a first come, first served basis and reservations complicate the query process. Sunset Scores cannot reserve individual movements.

Can we lease Winds only?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss the Winds-only options for each production.

Can we lease a portion of a movement?

Yes — first movements only. Many first movements (aka Part One) include an extended introduction and/or Pre-Show. The introduction or subsequent material may be leased separately. Please contact us to discuss these options.

What are the Sunset Scores Terms and Conditions?

To streamline the lease process, we have incorporated all of the legal aspects of the lease Agreement (formerly known as the Purchase Agreement) into a much more efficient click-through agreement. It is recommended that you carefully read and print the Terms and Conditions for your records.

We’ve agreed to the Terms and Conditions but what happens if licensing permission is denied?

In the unlikely event that a licensing request is denied or rejected by the copyright owner/administrator, we will help you find a replacement arrangement, composition, or full production. If a replacement cannot be found, there is no obligation to Sunset Scores to continue the lease(s); and a full refund will be made (if payment has already been secured).

Can we get a full or partial refund?

Due to the variables of first-come, first-served Region Protection, refunds are not available. In other words, when a production is leased, it is taken off the market for a specific circuit and class, essentially making it unavailable to others in that same circuit and class. However, full or partial refunds are available in the rare cases when licensing permission has been denied (see above).

How do we cancel an online purchase?

Just reach out within 24 hours and let us know the details and we’ll cancel the order and notify you by email.

Do we need to secure a license for non-Public Domain arrangements?

Yes. Pursuant to United States copyright law, copyright holders (or their designated administrators) require you to secure a “permission to arrange” for each piece of music. There are no exceptions.

Are these published arrangements?

No. IMPORTANT: Arrangements that include non-Public Domain music are NOT published arrangements. Permission to arrange and perform must be secured from the respective copyright holder or license administrator, and may include an additional publisher fee.

How do we secure licensing?

Sunset Scores does not administer or secure licenses for non-Public Domain arrangements. We recommend you contact the original copyright administrator, or an agency such as  Tresona Music or similar that specialize in securing licenses for pre-existing music. Be aware, license approvals may involve delays. We recommend starting the process immediately after receiving confirmation from Sunset Scores that your chosen production or movement is available for your ensemble.

How much does licensing cost?

Licensing costs vary according to title, publisher, composer, etc. Licensing agencies such as Tresona Music are the best resources for determining cost. Sunset Scores is not responsible for these additional fees.

Our licensing requests have been approved, when can we get the music files?

Music can be delivered once licensing payment has been made to the license holder or similar agency. If licensing is secured via Tresona Music, we are automatically notified by email. All other payment receipts can be submitted online through a form in your Sunset Scores account.

Can we record audio or video of our performances?

Yes. Permission to record, distribute and post online (audio and/or video) is automatically granted ONLY if the music is an original composition or an arrangement of music in the public domain. All circuits, organizations, video companies, live-streaming services, or similar must contact Sunset Scores to obtain permission if they wish to produce (or stream online) any audio and/or video recordings of any kind. [Regarding arrangements of pre-existing music, it is the sole responsibility of the group associated with the lease to understand and abide by the synchronization and mechanical licensing terms outlined by the respective copyright holder or administrator.] Please contact a licensing agency for more information regarding Sync and Mechanical Licenses.

Do original compositions have a separate licensing fee?

No. Original compositions and arrangements of Public Domain music do not involve separate licensing fees. However, some productions may include non-public domain music as part of the show. If so, these works require separate licensing  (a “permission to arrange”).

Can individual movements be leased from different productions? In other words, can we mix and match?

Yes. Although each production was originally created for a specific and integrated thematic concept, individual movements can be combined to forge a new production; or may be leased individually. However, Region Protection is NOT included for individual movements or “mixed” productions. Also, individual movements will not be leased if its full production has already been leased by another group in the same region and class.

Are electronic notation files included with each purchase (Finale, Sibelius, XML, etc.)?

Yes. Finale and XML files are available upon request. We understand that each ensemble is unique. Permission is granted to make minor modifications to the score so long as the fundamental melody, harmony and rhythmic intent remains intact. Electronic files are protected by copyright laws and may only be used by designated staff.

What is included with each lease?

Score PDFs (Full Score, Wind Score, and Percussion Score); Individual Part PDFs; MIDI Mockup MP3s (Full Ensemble, Full Ensemble with Rehearsal Click Track, Winds Only, and Percussion Only); Sound FX (if applicable).

What is the delivery method for production files?

Original compositions are available for immediate download (once payment has been secured). For productions and/or movements that require licensing permission, separate download links are immediately issued sent once licensing and payment has been secured.

What is Region Protection?

This means that every effort will be made to ensure that a full Sunset Scores production is not leased to two units competing in the same class in the same primary circuit. Region Protection is also guaranteed for Bands of America and WGI events, by class only. Should two groups attempt to lease the same production, or a portion thereof, in the same region (or area), (regardless of class), Sunset Scores will reach out to discuss any potential conflicts with the parties involved. If it is collectively decided that event conflicts will occur, the production will only be leased to the group with the earliest date of interest. Region Protection is not available for individual movements.

Can we receive perusal scores?

Sample scores for each production are available to view on this website. Please use the contact page to request perusal scores.

How long is the lease period?

A lease is valid for the duration of one competitive season (occurring within a 12-month period from the date of agreement of the Terms and Conditions).

Can we change the production title?

Yes. We encourage you to adjust titles to best suit your chosen theme or concept. However, all music delivery files will maintain the original title.

The production we like is too long for us. Can we make cuts?

Yes. Although each production was originally created for a specific and integrated thematic concept, we understand the need to abbreviate productions to better serve your ensemble.

We are interested in a production that does not have percussion parts. Can you add percussion for us?

Yes, depending on our design schedules and availability, we can create custom percussion parts for an additional fee.

Can Indoor Percussion or Indoor Winds shows be adapted for Marching Band?

Yes, depending on our design schedules and availability. This requires an agreement similar to custom projects (but at a reduced fee).

Can Marching Band shows be adapted for Indoor?

Yes, depending on our design schedules and availability. This requires an agreement similar to custom projects (but at a reduced fee).

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