Sunset Scores Music for Field and Floor Sunset Scores Music for Field and Floor Sunset Scores Music for Field and Floor

Based in Los Angeles, California, Sunset Scores is a virtual boutique for competitive Marching Band Music and Indoor Percussion and Winds Shows.

The composers for Sunset Scores bring decades of award-winning experience to the marching arts with each Sunset Scores creation. This combined pageantry history includes the rendering of music designs for multiple Bands of America Grand National and Regional Championships, several Bands of America Grand National and Regional Finalists and Semi-Finalists, numerous State Championships and Finalists, and multiple Winter Guard International Finalists and Regional Medalists.

The Sunset Scores library is based on an extensive client base throughout the United States. The work is creative and inventive but most importantly, crafted effectively.

Expect something different.

Marching Band Show Compositions

Compositions include original music by Sunset Scores composers. Some productions involve transmogrified creations which may include (or pay homage to) prominent themes or motifs from other well-known public domain works.

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Marching Band Show Arrangements

Sunset Scores arrangements include contemporary treatments of iconic works by greats such as Mahler, Beethoven, Ravel, Debussy, Wagner, Stravinsky, Dvorak and many more. Arrangements also include adaptations of works by modern composers, musicians and songwriters.

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Indoor Percussion Shows and Indoor Winds Shows

Productions for the indoor circuits are largely comprised of original works by Sunset Scores composers but may often include adaptations or arrangements of music by other composers, songwriters, and musicians.

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